Corporate Strategy

comp_corporate_strategyREADY FOR TAKE OFF – this is the sentence which airline executives around the world like the most. It not only marks the moment when your organization has done everything possible to ensure a safe journey. It is the moment when your airline takes another small step into the future.

PROLOGIS STRATEGY will support your airline at any stage of the strategic planning cycle and on any hierarchy level in your organization to ensure that the right strategy is identified and implemented. Based on our in-depth knowledge in this area, PROLOGIS STRATEGY is aware that formulating strategies can be an overwhelming process. We can help your organization to avoid unnecessary complexities and identify and implement sound strategies, which are essential for the future success of your airline.

PROLOGIS STRATEGY will support your company in

  • Running actual state analysis to determine your real – not perceived – competencies
  • Identifying all relevant parameters and how they will change the future marketplace
  • Defining and evaluating the most reasonable and promising business model considering the future marketplace
  • Determining a perfectly fitted strategic plan based on priorities, accountabilities, KPIs and financial/non-financial requirements
  • Developing a detailed short-, medium- and long-term business plan to ensure proper execution of the strategy
  • Implementing effective review processes to ensure that the strategic plan and business plan perform as designed or get adjusted in case of major deviations