Fleet Optimization

An optimal fleet is determined by a large variety of parameters that extensively exceeds purchase price and/or leasing rate. While a single aircraft type generates synergies, different market sizes might demand a range of seat capacities. At the same time, although smaller aircraft operate at lower costs per flight, they might have higher seat mile costs. Accordingly, an airline might decide to offer more seats per flight than the current market size demands, intending to close the gap by significant stimulation.

Where the airline decides to offer variable seat capacity, this demands a corresponding variety of steering capabilities: Regional markets might tend to require yield optimization rather than focusing on high load factors. Flexible assignment of aircraft type to routes require the same speed of the aircraft, as slower aircraft with longer block times can hardly use the slots of a jet aircraft schedule.

With our experienced team, we will assist you in providing the right answer for your airline to challenges such as:

  • Evaluating a homogeneous versus a diversified fleet
  • Identifying requirements of profitable operation of aircraft types / categories
  • Contrast opportunities and challenges of different fleet options for operation and pricing / steering
  • Business cases and decision support
  • Ongoing measurement