Network Design & Planning

Network Design & PlanningThe network design or network strategy is critical for your company’s long-term success in terms of revenue and cost development. The network strategy has a strong impact on other important areas such as pricing, revenue management or sales and forms the basis for other key strategic decisions such as fleet development, alliances & partnerships, distribution, systems and ground-/onboard product design.

All PROLOGIS STRATEGY professionals are former airline employees with a track record in developing and implementing effective network strategies for full-service, low-cost/hybrid, charter and regional airlines. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the market dynamics, the competitive landscape and the specific requirements and constraints of the various types of airlines. Based on this expertise and considering our proprietary network planning tools, PROLOGIS STRATEGY is able to define a sound network strategy in a timely manner which is coherent with your company’s overall strategy delivering significant revenue improvements.

Our experienced professionals will support your company in:

  • Creating, evaluating and implementing the optimal network structure coherent with your company’s strategy
  • Forecasting existing markets and identifying new market opportunities
  • Providing multi-year network plans as a basis for fleet development, operations and commercial areas
  • Creating and optimizing an integrated planning process from short- and medium- to long-haul planning