Network Evaluation & Optimization

As good as the network strategy may be, it is typical for the airline industry that schedules are constantly being changed and adjusted due to internal restrictions or changes in the marketplace. These adjustments are meant to optimize existing schedules and schedule structures rather than change the entire network strategy.

Most PROLOGIS STRATEGY professionals have been working in network planning departments at various airlines and have in-depth knowledge of the network planning and optimization process. Coupled with our sophisticated network planning tool, PROLOGIS STRATEGY is able to instantly evaluate and adjust your current schedule to protect and grow your company’s revenues and to enhance your network efficiency.

Our services typically comprise:

  • Evaluation of schedule “as is”
  • Identification of schedule related weaknesses and opportunities
  • Modeling and evaluation of schedule adjustments and scenarios to increase network revenues, network efficiency and leverage market opportunities
  • Iterative schedule optimization
  • Roll-out of enhanced schedules