New Opportunities for Long-Haul Traffic

18_long-haulGenerations of new aircraft open new opportunities for the aviation industry with regard to long-haul traffic.

The Airbus A321LR and Boeing 737max have critical advantages, especially for non-network airlines and medium sized airports. Not only can they reach long distances, but thanks to their commonality for crews and maintenance, the aircraft easily integrate into the existing short and medium-haul fleet of low-cost carriers.

With approximately 200 seats, the capacity of these aircraft still targets a local market. This means a complex hub and spoke structure is not required for these kinds of long-haul operations.

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Consolidation in Aviation through strategic partnerships

strategic-partnership-study-coverAfter liberalization and globalization, the dominant topic in the international aviation industry follows to be consolidation. Mergers, the formation of international airline-groups and joint ventures between companies, have -in some cases- caused substantial market concentrations.

This concise research study summarizes the current status of consolidation in key markets and provides an outlook to the future development of the branch. Currently, the German version can be found here, the English version will be provided shortly.

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